Friday, February 26, 2010

Pregnancy Hormones....

Something I have become all too familiar with during the course of the last 34.5 weeks are (dun dun dun) "P-R-E-G-N-A-N-C-Y HOROMOOONES"!!! Who knew that my body was a closet bartender capable of mixing such a potent cocktail of biological chemicals that could be responsible for any and all oddities I have experienced for the last 242 days?!?! Well, cat's out of the bag. From the incessant and overwhelming desire to spend exorbitant amounts of time snoozing in bed, to the ever-present lake of fire that erupts into my esophagus every night, to the fact that my breath has taken on a new persona (as I have been informed by my husband) thanks to an increase in mouth acids, I don't really remember what life was like before the PHs became my closest of companions. BUT, a little perk is that anything and everything different about myself can be blamed on the pesky little boogers!!! Which, I have to admit, is nice sometimes...having a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for 280 out of 365 days in the last year is not always a bad thing :)

My latest discovery involving my PH boarders is that it is definitely NOT a smart idea for me to watch any movie or read any book with anything:
  • Too violent
  • Too suspenseful, spooky, scary, or psychologically "thrilling"
  • Potentially vomit-inducing
  • Disturbing, terrifying, or just too weird
..........and lastly..........
  • Anything that will keep my mind reeling for hours on end in the dark, wee hours of the night.
Unfortunately, I did not fully realize this until last night after I watched the movie Conspiracy Theory (which is a fabulous movie with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, that I've seen countless times before mind you) before bed. Now, under normal, non-pregnancy hormone affected circumstances, watching said movie with my husband and father-in-law would have been very enjoyable and I would have easily fallen right into a blissful slumber with no more thought given to the movie. However, now that the PHs have turned me into a psycho paranoid freak of nature, I spent the first half of the night with eyes wide open, darting across the room and back at every little sound, my brain an overactive mess of over-imaginative spaghetti. THEN, when I finally decided to get up to pee and then read for awhile (to hopefully quiet my brain), I choose, inevitably, a book entitled Why I Jumped, authored by Tina Zahn, which details her gruesome childhood of sexual abuse and her subsequent battle with severe post-partum depression. NOT the best book to quiet and soothe my already troubled mommy mind.

The point of all this rambling is - I'm really tired today because I didn't sleep good THANKS to my wonderful friends, The Pregnancy Hormones. So now it's naptime :)

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