Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beginning...

Hey everyone! As this week wraps up my eighth month of pregnancy, I decided to start this blog so you all can share with us in our journey of new beginnings.

As many of you know, we have been staying with Andrew's family in Golden, Missouri for the past few months while getting ready for the baby's arrival.
We have been fervently seeking after God as to His will for us in regards to work, where to live, etc, and have been enjoying time together, just the two of us, while we still can! Last week, on February 17th, Andrew and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary by taking a quick little trip to Rogers, Arkansas for some rest and relaxation. In addition to returning home refreshed and rejuvenated, we also returned with keys to a new apartment! Andrew plans to seek part-time work in Rogers while also continuing to build his own handyman/landscaping business. With less than six weeks to go until my due date, we are in a scramble to get ourselves situated for the baby's arrival!

We are so appreciative to all of you, our wonderful friends and family, for your prayer and support during this exciting new chapter in our lives! We have been tremendously blessed with a wonderful first year of marriage and know we will continue to be blessed when our little bundle of joy arrives!

Check back in for updates and photos as we continue on this exciting journey together :)

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